Louie Manalastas Is a World Traveler Extraordinaire

It has long been said that travel broadens one’s horizons. No one believes that more than Louie Manalastas. When he’s not busy expanding his successful marketing consulting company, he takes breaks to travel the world. He has visited nearly every continent, and even hopes to travel to Antarctica one day. He brings his wife and son with him as often as he can. Traveling with his family helps broaden their horizons, too, and is a bonding and educational experience for them all.


Some of his top places to visit are those he reads about in his favorite history books. Rome, Greece, Egypt, the United Kingdom, and the original colonial states in America are preferred destinations for him. He enjoys visiting these more than once, and always discovers something new when he does.

However, he doesn’t limit himself when it comes to travel. While he certainly has his favorite destinations, he likes to explore new places, too. Louie Manalastas is a big believer in going outside your comfort zone. That belief is part of what has made him so successful as a business marketing consultant. He makes it a point to visit cosmopolitan cities and exotic, remote areas all around the world.


He especially appreciates places that are completely new to him and that he’s never read about. Often he’ll purposely select a remote area in a country with an unfamiliar culture and language. He appreciates the learning experiences and challenges. These adventures give him a much needed break from his busy life as head of his own marketing company. But he’s always anxious to return to his hometown to be with his family and friends.


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